Construction Accountants


A Solid Foundation

Because we understand construction—the razor thin margins, the seasonality, the need to aggressively manage cash flow—we can help your business succeed with comprehensive solutions that address more than just your tax and accounting needs. As a business advisor, we can help you build for the future.

Our professionals are dedicated to the construction industry and have built long-term relationships with businesses just like yours. In some cases, these relationships have lasted more than 50 years.

We hold many national positions with both the AGC and the CFMA, contributing content to their webcasts, publications, and national conference presentations. We also help the associations prepare responses to the Financial Accounting Standards Board and act as reviewer and contributing editor to the AICPA’s Accounting and Auditing Guide for Construction Contractors.

Assurance Experience

We're part of the CFMA's Emerging Issues Committee and deeply immersed in your industry, which means we're able to provide the wide range of assurance services you need, including a thorough analysis of your financial statements, internal control environment, and overall business. The value-packed management letters we provide address issues like operational efficiency and how you can strengthen your internal controls.

Tax Experience

We know the ins and outs of the acceptable construction tax methods, and we’ve had a presence for over ten years on the Associated General Contractors committee that influences federal construction tax policy. Whether you’re considering the tax implications of a joint-venture, energy credits, or transaction structuring, we can help you manage your tax burden—at both the business and individual level.

Construction Surveys

Throughout the year, Moss Adams partners with various industry associations to survey regional and nationwide trends in the construction industry. The goal? To bring you valuable, insightful data and analysis to help you benchmark your company against the competition and make informed business decisions about everything from salaries to inventory. Learn more about our construction surveys.


Virtual 2020 Building Opportunity Conference

This multi-day event will provide insight into current challenges facing companies operating in the built world. Topics will include COVID-19’s impact on cities, economic implications of recent bills, election year takeaways, and more.


Webcast Series: COVID-19 Strategies for Construction

Discover insights to help construction companies grow and prosper during the pandemic—and after it subsides.


Learn the 5 stages of strategic technology planning along with considerations and questions for each stage to help breakdown the process.

R&D tax credits can be valuable, but finding an advisor is difficult. Learn what to look for when evaluating your options.

Our detailed resource map provides tax tools that can be used to generate a one-time or recurring cash flow for your organization.

Learn how to select the best enterprise system for your construction company’s unique needs.

Learn how to best implement data initiatives that can be used to define better metrics, improve processes and ROI, and potentially lead to more bids.

During this on-demand webcast, we’ll look at contract nonperformance and identify proactive measures you can take to prepare for a slowdown or shutdown, reduce uncertainty, and mitigate potential losses and legal claims.

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