Federal and Construction Contract Compliance Services

Contract Compliance

Control Your Costs

Maintain compliance and reduce risk with an audit of your contract requirements and performance. Reviewing your program’s progress at consistent intervals helps keep projects on schedule and on budget—and keeps your client satisfied. The federal and construction audit and advisory services offered by Moss Adams can help you keep costly overruns in check while uncovering new efficiencies.

Construction Contract Compliance

By helping your company exercise fiduciary responsibility, improve efficiency, build effective cost controls, and prevent excessive charges, our construction advisory services can help you meet project goals while reducing risks and cost. You’ll work with an engagement team that has the construction audit experience necessary to help you ensure compliance with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) performance audit requirements as well as state performance audit requirements—so you can focus on building your business.

Federal Contract Compliance

Our team of former Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) auditors leads audits that comply with professional standards and government agency requirements. Our methods almost always result in increased cost recovery in a compliant manner. Our services include:

  • Timely incurred cost audits of contract awardees for contract close-out support
  • Price proposal audit services for contract negotiation support
  • Evaluation of internal controls or system capabilities of contract awardees


Nondefense agencies and defense contractors should be formulating alternate ways to obtain audits for their non-DOD contracts now that the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) is prohibited from providing audit support to them.

Avoid Construction Audit Pitfalls
A construction cost audit can turn a project sideways if you aren’t prepared. There are many different compliance issues that arise during the contract audit process. These issues could be avoided altogether or handled more efficiently with the right approach.
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Results from the right performance auditor can help organizations reduce risk and prevent cost overruns in capital improvement programs.

Guard Your Investment in Valuable Contracts
If you are a government organization planning to post a contract opportunity or you are a government contractor that recently won a government contract, now is the time to consider how to protect your investment.

Lessons Learned: Conducting Government Contractor Incurred Cost Audits
We share lessons learned from conducting contractor incurred cost and systems audits of US government contractors. This information is particularly useful for those who conduct—or call for—contract audits, such as US government prime contractors and agencies.

Construction Performance Audits: How to Achieve Your Construction Program Goals
This webinar will help you leverage best performance audit practices to achieve construction program compliance, efficiency and effectiveness objectives. Come learn key actions you can take to achieve construction project cost, schedule, quality, and scope goals. Construction program performance failures can have severe implications for your institution, but they are not insurmountable.

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