State & Local Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

State & Local Tax Controversy & Dispute Resolution

State tax disputes are fairly common and arise throughout the tax spectrum, from income and franchise tax to sales and use tax and from employment tax to property tax. Yet how a dispute is handled can often mean the difference between a sizable tax bill and a sizable tax refund.

We can help you discern your tax risks and exposures—and effectively manage your state audits and tax disputes. Our state and local tax professionals combine deep technical knowledge, strong relationships with government officials, and tax resolution experience to help you expedite and successfully resolve time-consuming disputes.

Our team contains a number of former state government officials who can readily determine audit issues under exam, areas of concern, and refund opportunities that state auditors don’t want taxpayers to raise during the examination. Even if your audit has been completed, we can still help via the state’s administrative dispute process to resolve such exams with significantly less taxes due or none at all. We have a track record of saving our clients millions of dollars each year managing audits and negotiating favorable settlements.

How We Serve You

  • Tax refund reviews. Instead of searching for potential assessments, our team of ex-government officials find and recover state income tax, indirect tax, property tax, and local tax refunds. We represent you from the filing of the refund claim through receipt or application of the refunds.
  • Tax dispute prevention. As former state examiners, we know the exposure areas and can help you develop sound policies and processes to help safeguard your organization against future audits and disputes.
  • Tax dispute resolution. We strategically and cooperatively work with state tax jurisdictions to defend you and your business against proposed tax, penalty, and interest adjustments and, if needed, negotiate with state and local taxing ities to favorably resolve your tax dispute.

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