Sales & Transaction Tax

Indirect Tax

Taxes imposed on the sale, use, or storage of tangible personal property or the performance of services can be the most difficult for companies to determine correctly. There are more than 9,000 state, local, and district-level jurisdictions imposing sales and use taxes, combined with varying tax laws among the states.

In particular, the need for transaction-by-transaction analysis—coupled with the complexity of the constantly evolving tax environment—makes it hard to be sure you’re properly complying with sales and use tax laws.

For companies with multistate operations, the challenge is only magnified. For example, you may be unaware of your filing responsibilities or how the sales and use tax laws in a specific jurisdiction should be applied to your transactions. Companies also often overlook exemptions or tax incentive programs—and available refunds frequently go unclaimed.

We can work with you to maintain a proactive posture in dealing with state and local tax issues by being part of the planning process in the early stages. We’ve helped companies—from midsize privately held businesses to large public entities—successfully manage multistate sales and use tax issues in many major industries.

Our professionals have honed their sales and use tax skills as former state tax auditors, sales and use tax practitioners in Fortune 500 companies, and consultants at Big Four accounting firms. Solutions we offer include:

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