Software Assessment and Planning Services

Software Application Consulting

In a global economy, organizations require innovative and agile technologies to remain competitive. Yet many businesses struggle to take advantage of new IT advancements, continuing to embrace dated processes that impede progress.

Our IT consultants—which include members of the Project Management Institute and holders of the Project Management Professional designation—can steer your organization down the right path, identifying appropriate applications, assessing scalable technology architectures, and implementing solutions to meet current and future business needs. The result: optimal solutions that leverage your existing technology investments whenever possible.

From assembling a project team best suited to the work to incorporating applicable best practices to leading the project team to an on-time and on-budget solution, we can provide you with all facets of system implementation.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Corporate performance management: business intelligence systems
  • Independent system acquisitions
  • Pre- and post-implementation reviews
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Process Improvement


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Now
Enterprise system selection is often the most difficult—and costly—challenge to overcome in the successful implementation of ERP. Join us for a one-hour webcast as we examine the critical factors for a successful enterprise system selection. We’ll also review how to take a methodical approach in selecting the right system for your business’ unique needs.

When selecting software for your business, look at your unique scenario, operational requirements, and projected growth.

Tracking key performance indicators that drive growth isn’t easy. Learn some key steps to streamline your process and unlock insight.

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