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Pursuing opportunity creates prosperity in the telecommunications industry. Whether you’re upgrading your local loop network with fiber or pursuing a merger or acquisition, potential for growth abounds if you’re willing to seize it. Your engagement team understands your industry’s complex regulatory environment and the challenges you face—from incorporating emerging technologies into your business plan to adapting to regulatory change—and can help you cultivate the financial and operational strength you need to succeed.

Our specialized telecommunications services include:

Cost Consulting
Cost separations have a significant impact on both interstate and intrastate revenue streams and drive your annual cash flows. Boost your cost recovery and mitigate true ups with company-specific strategies and regular updates.

State and Federal USF
Eligible telecommunications carriers depend on state and federal USF for crucial cost recovery in high-cost areas of the country. Get the support you need to meet your service obligations with your engagement team’s strong understanding of the interrelated state and federal USF rules.

State and Federal Regulatory Compliance
Telecommunications providers face a litany of regulatory reporting requirements at both the state and federal levels. Our experts work with your team to provide training and filing assistance so your reporting can be accurate and timely.

Financial Forecasting
With regulated revenue in flux and new service opportunities on the horizon, financial forecasting becomes an even more integral aspect of the annual planning process. We’ve developed highly integrated financial forecasting models that help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses relative to your peers is a key component to long-term success and improvement. We participate in an industrywide benchmarking study that allows companies to identify areas for improvement and determine appropriate targets.

State and Federal Regulatory Policy
Regulatory agencies often call for input from the telecommunications providers they regulate to understand the impacts that existing and proposed regulations will have on them. We proactively communicate with regulatory agencies and work closely with clients so they can understand and analyze how regulations may impact them.

Network Provisioning and Compliance (AOCN/LERG/NECA#4/LNP)
Network design and implementation involves many layers of processes, requirements, and interrelated tasks. We have the tools and experience to inform your growing business while supporting your existing network infrastructure.

Business Continuity
Stave off revenue loss; mitigate operational downtime, data loss, and corruption; and protect human capital during times of crisis with proper planning. Establishing a plan is vital to maintaining the critical business operations of your organization during a disaster.

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