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Know Your Numbers

Business valuation is part art, part science, and an insightful analysis is the result of a careful review of the facts by a team of professionals with experience working with companies just like yours.

Companies seek clarity about value for a variety of reasons. Whatever your motivation may be, we believe valuations are a fundamental process for informing your decision-making based on what is likely your most significant financial asset.

We provide more than 400 valuations each year of:

  • Business enterprises
  • Common and preferred stock
  • Partnership and limited liability company interests
  • Promissory notes
  • Fractional interests in real property
  • Intangible assets (patents, licenses, customer lists, trademarks and trade names, song lists, and personal goodwill)
  • Stock options

Our specialized teams possess unique expertise in:

Litigation Support

In addition, our professionals can assist with litigation support during a resolution of disputes. Successful resolution of litigation disputes depends on skilled preparation of evidence and proper resources to validate claims. Our experts have deep industry specific knowledge and litigation experience in regards to forensics, fraud and valuation. Our valuation professionals assist clients, attorneys, and law professionals in successful resolution of disputes across a wide range of issues and topics and provide expert witness testimony in support of their work.   

  • Business interruption and insurance claims
  • Intellectual property and royalty disputes
  • Lost profits and commercial damages
  • Marital dissolution
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes


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